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Give your visitors plenty of interaction with every exhibit by giving them a custom-crafted, fully-branded, and location responsive app as they tour your museum, gallery, or other display-based destination.

Beacon integration makes MuseumApp especially powerful, guiding your visitors through your museum exhibitions.

Beacons, Push Notifications and a Whole Lot More

Keep your visitors up-to-date using Push Notifications to notify them about special events, upcoming deals, and new exhibits.

Provide maps to help guide their visit, offer discounts right as they approach points of sale, and stay in touch after their visit is over.

Museum-specific Content

Beacon technology allows you to provide location-specific information as guests move from exhibit to exhibit, giving them an interactive way to learn more about everything you have on display. Provide behind-the-scenes glimpses, offer additional information about each exhibit or piece of artwork as they're viewing it, and let them truly explore in-depth, in real time.

All-in-One MuseumApp Platform

Museum hours, event and tour schedules, exhibit descriptions, timely and non-intrusive reminders of your local business partners—with your custom MuseumApp, you can deliver the information your guests are looking for, and value-added notifications they never knew they were missing!

Perfect Timing

And with available Beacon-based notifications, you can deliver it all at the perfect time and place, right when your audience is ready to view it.

Payment Processing and

You can even build payment processing right into the app, allowing visitors to pay entry fees, purchase add-ons during their visit, and take immediate advantage of coupon and discount offers.

Dashboard and Analytics

Your own customized dashboard with robust analytics lets you see how users are responding to your app and your exhibits in real time, allowing for constant adjustment and improvement to your engagement, your information, and your revenue.

Better Interaction

Your MuseumApp keeps your guests informed and engaged, giving them more opportunities to interact and giving you more data to crunch.

Better Insights

New insights let you plan and deliver exhibit-based content and sales opportunities that bring more value to visitors, vendors, and your own organization—especially when the information and related purchases can be delivered and executed directly through the app interface!

Here's how to do it:

Give us your
(or your client's) logo, colour schemes and branding guidelines

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text, image, and video content with ease

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custom app, no coding required

Publish your app
to the iOS/Android stores and let your visitors download it

Customize Their Experience
By Creating Your Unique Museum App

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